Serial Terminal:

Controlling RealTerm from OpenOffice

RealtermDemo.ods is in Examples on Download page

Most up-to-date demos are installed with Realterm in the Examples folder



OpenOffice macros can access Realterm just like MSOffice. Now you can do easy serial comms using Realterm.

Applications made with OOO can be freely distributed. The example uses OOBasic, but open office scripting also supports Javascript, Python and other scripting languages.

  • There's no easier way to knock up a GUI

  • Send data from cells to a display

  • read A-D data and graph it

A Simple Demo

This demo shows how to

The Excel is more sophisticated at the time of writing, with automatic starting and tracking of spreadsheet changes. Please contribute a better demo!


Public Sub Realterm_Open
Set RT = CreateObject("Realterm.RealtermIntf")
RT.HalfDuplex = True 'so you can see what we send out through the port...
RT.Caption = "Realterm Controlled from OpenOffice Calc"
RT.portopen = True 'port is always closed when starting by automation
RT.SelectTabSheet ("I2C")
End Sub
Public Sub Realterm_Close
If Not isnull(RT) Then RT.Close
Set RT = Nothing
End Sub
Public Sub Realterm_Hide
RT.Visible = Not RT.Visible
End Sub
Public Sub Realterm_SendStringToLED(S As String)

'You need the I2CHelper DLL, and to register it for this to work
Dim IH As Object

Set IH = CreateObject("I2CHelper.M5451")
RT.PutString ("YW0000000000") 'this always resets the display
LED_Data = "Y101" + IH.Str2M5451D4(S)
RT.PutString (LED_Data)
End Sub
Public Sub Realterm_SendCellToLED
Dim Sheet As Object
Dim Cell As Object
Doc = StarDesktop.CurrentComponent
Sheet = Doc.Sheets(0)
Cell = Sheet.getCellByPosition(0, 0) '
End Sub

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Using Capture

When you want to get data from an instrument, just capture data to a file with Realterm, then have Scilab read the file. This is a "design pattern" that appears ugly, but has been easy to get going, and sucessful. It is well decoupled, which is what makes it so easy to do.

Simple DataLogging

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