RealTerm: Using Realterm from Perl

Micheal Erskine sent this example of using the ActiveX interface from Perl.He's collecting data from a Seimens SCOOT UTC (Urban Traffic Control) system for offline processing.


I need a good solid way of grabbing an hour or so of serial data at a time, packaging it up in a tar.gz, and uploading it to an ftp server for archiving. I use perl all the time for such background archiving tasks, but serial port reading in Perl on Win32 is proving troublesome.

I'm very interested in RealTerm for the collection of serial data into files on unattended NT 4 boxes. The data collection has to run whilst there is no logged-in user, no desktop etc. Generally I write applications as either NT Services or Scheduled Tasks. I started with the command line and found that my version ( - the latest) still shows the window although visible is set to zero...

realterm.exe visible=0 port=1 baud=9600 flow=0 capfile=junk.txt capsecs=10 capture

...what have I done wrong? I also would like the application to quit after the capture. (Ed: this will work. "CAPQUIT" parameter will quit after capture)

I failed to get this to work so I started playing with the OLE interface with Perl and came up with a sweet solution that may be of interest to other users. Once again, well done and thanks for making my job easy!

Here's the Perl script to capture some data for an hour...


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